Say ‘hi’ to the team: Hannah at the Cracking Crab

Posted by thewinkingprawn on August 4, 2016


She used to manage a pub in Port Isaac, but she’s been with the Cracking Crab since it first opened.  Meet Hannah – one of our key team members in Polzeath… (FYI she's the one dressed as an octopus)...


What do you do at the Cracking Crab?


I do the ordering, the bookings and make sure all the staff are doing what they’re meant to be doing. I work alongside Laurence helping with the day to day management of The Crab.


What does your average day involve?


Getting up bright and early, coming in and serving all the lovely campers their breakfast.  Then setting up for lunch, which is busy as we have inside and outside space.  We set up for dinner between 4 and 6pm, and serve drinks outside at that time.  At dinner it’s generally all customers who have pre-booked and we’re usually fully booked, so it’s a good idea to reserve your table two or three days in advance.  I basically try to make sure everyone’s happy.


What's the best thing about working here?


We’ve got a good crew going on; it’s the best restaurant I’ve ever worked in and everyone gets on well.  The management work with you and we’re a real team. It’s also lovely meeting all the customers and seeing the kids enjoying the fancy dress box and games on the balcony.  People love the music and the chilled out atmosphere, it’s friendly and open.


What's your favourite thing on the menu?


The monkfish because it’s a nice meaty fish and you get a great creamy sauce with it.  It’s also definitely worth trying the king prawns and the fruits de mer served out on the balcony.


What are you most enjoying about the summer?


The bright sunshine – although I say that and the clouds will come over.  I enjoy the fact that we’re close to the campsite so we get a lot of returning customers and get to know them well when they have their breakfasts in the morning.


When you're not working, what's your favourite thing to do?


I row for Rock Rowing Club.  We compete once a week in races and do regattas as well.  There’s the Newquay Championships in September, and we did the World Championships in May in the Scilly Isles.  We came 21st out of 148 teams in the world.  I row with my mum and I love it!