Local suppliers we love at The Winking Prawn

Posted by thewinkingprawn on November 10, 2016

The general rule is that when it comes to what we eat, local is best, and in the South West we reckon we really know our food and drink.  So from seafood to cider, here are five local suppliers we love at The Winking Prawn, Sailor V and Island Street Bar & Grill… hope you love them too!




Favis of Salcombe


When it comes to seafood, local really is best, so naturally it’s a joy to work with the wonderful people at Favis of Salcombe.  The company was started in 1972 by Keith Favis and is now a family run business with an international reputation.  Even if you haven’t met the team themselves yet, you have no doubt seen their shiny red crabber, The Emma Jane making her merry way out to sea to make sure our crab salads arrive in style. 


Ice Cream.jpg


Salcombe Dairy


Established by Peter Howard in 1981 after he retired from the Merchant Navy, Salcombe Dairy ice cream started life in a stone built shed at the bottom of Coronation Road before it moved to its current site.  Today the recipe is exactly the same as it always was, there’s just a few more flavours available, and let’s face it, no Salcombe holiday is complete without it.




Hunt’s Cider


A traditional farmhouse cider that’s pressed, fermented and packed on a 400-acre farm that runs from Paignton to Stoke Gabriel, Hunt’s Cider started in 1771 so it’s local through and through.  These days however, the demand is so high that they also have to use some apples from other Devon farms… long may it continue!


prawn juice.jpg


South Hams Brewery


We have a very special relationship with South Hams Brewery because this year they created our very own beer, Prawn Juice!  A family business run by Mark, Sam and Olly Brooking, they are based overlooking the glorious Start Bay and use traditional brewing to produce real ale – perfect with a view of North Sands, even if we do say so ourselves!




Heron Valley


If you can make it with apples, Heron Valley in Loddiswell are the people to talk to.  The award-winning apple experts offer bubbles, cocktail mixes, cider and cider vinegar, but they started life producing pure and simple apple juice.  Run by Natasha Green, they rely not only on their own fruit, but also that of large volume local growers and even back-garden apple tree owners, who bring in a carrier bag or two to contribute to the crop.  How nice is that!?