King Prawns win in Bournemouth - the full story

Posted by thewinkingprawn on June 2, 2017

So if you’ve been keeping an eye on our Facebook page, you will already know that our rugby team, the King Prawns, had much to celebrate over the bank holiday weekend when they won their tier at the Bournemouth 7s Sport and Music Festival!




Marking a record of 54 wins out of 56 games in the last two years, it was the first time the King Prawn Sevens played at the Bournemouth 7s Sport and Music Festival, a huge event (for anyone who hasn’t been), where they were playing in the second tier of nine - the top of which features elite teams including the Army.


What happened


While grouped into the second tier, it was a tough field which included the Navy.  The King Prawns won all their games on the Saturday to win the group, giving them a good position for the Sunday.  It is rare in a tournament that every game is so close, but of the six games they played they won three in the last play - the quarter final being one of them.  In the semi final the final score was 19:15.


In the final the King Prawns came up against the Navy.  The Army play the Navy every year and that sells out with 82,000 people watching it, so that gives an idea of scale at some of these events.  The Army produces a lot of professional players, and the Navy are similar in terms of skill, playing on the international elite sevens circuit.  Nonetheless, in the last play of the game the King Prawns scored in the corner to win!  


To further contextualise their achievement, while the King Prawns take their rugby seriously, those they were up against adopt a fully professional approach with full teams of managers, coaches and physiotherapists on hand.  The event is not just a sports festival, but also a music festival and while most other rugby teams stayed off site to avoid distraction, the King Prawns were doing things the old fashioned way - staying in tents and making the most of the revelry with their Budgy Smugglers (courtesy of their Aussie swimwear supporters) and transfer tattoos.  So in context, against those with more sophisticated support, their win is even more impressive and we’re pleased to see they had fun as well!




What’s next


Onto the next occasion, this weekend the King Prawns are playing at the Summer Social at Richmond Rugby Club as a combined force with Budgie Smugglers’s own team, the Smugglers.  Then it’s onto the Egham Sevens Tournament on 17th June where they will be defending their crown having won last year, and on 29th July they are taking part in the Jack Fishwick Sevens to raise money for rugby player Jack Fishwick’s continued rehabilitation after he was paralysed whilst playing in 2014.  King Prawns Co Captain Will Slater says: “it’s a great tournament which has grown year on year.  There were around 40 teams last year and we won, so we’re invited back to defend our crown again!”