Hot toddies at the ready - Apres Street’s back!

Posted by thewinkingprawn on October 16, 2019

Apres ski.jpeg

Over the last week we’ve undergone a winter metamorphosis, and have re-emerged in our ski gear with hot toddies at the ready, as Apres Street.

Those who visited last year will know that in the winter months Island Street morphs into a waterside chalet bar and restaurant offering our same old warm welcome as well as our very own brand of apres ski.

You will still find our high quality burgers and seafood on the menu, as well as the seasonal cocktails that we’re known for, but all accompanied by a cosy ski lodge style. The menu has also been given a wintery twist to bring a little bit of mountain magic to Salcombe.

Naturally, you can’t visit Apres Street without having one of our cocktails, which features a range of winter warmers and as well as winter chills. Particular favourites include an After 9 complete with hot chocolate, chartreuse and crème de menthe, an Apres Smash fusing Bourbon whiskey, Cointreau, raspberry jam, orange juice or a Krak ’n’ Flip with Kraken rum, egg, Gomme syrup.

We’ve also got mocktails to tease the tastebuds and tantalise the senses. This is absolutely the time to try Yellow Snow, which features apple juice, cinnamon, vanilla, lemon juice and soda, or maybe you will prefer a Pink Sparkle with pomegranate, cranberry juice, lime juice and soda.

Apres wouldn’t be complete without a little live music either, so we will of course continue to bring acts from far and wide to excite and entertain throughout the winter months. Furthermore, as we love a party and the winter brings plenty of opportunity to celebrate. So in addition to our own parties and events, we have a space where you can arrange your own special occasions.

Just contact us to book the space or for more information!