Gluten free at Island Street Bar & Grill

Posted by thewinkingprawn on May 19, 2017

At Island Street Bar & Grill our big passion is good, simple food done well, and that’s something we want everyone to be able to enjoy.  For that reason we are mindful of not only having gluten free options on the menu, but really making as much of the menu suitable for a gluten free diet as possible.


Jamaican fish curry.jpg


Chef, Nick, is particularly dedicated to making sure the menu can be enjoyed by as many people as possible: “it doesn’t matter that it’s perhaps only 2% of the population who have a gluten intolerance,” he says, “the fact is that they are valued customers who want to eat out with family and friends.  So not to cater to those needs is to alienate a huge number of people.  Short of having an alternative allergy, everyone can eat gluten free food, and basically we’re as gluten free as you can be without being a specialist restaurant.”


Gluten free starters and main courses


A lot of Island Street Bar & Grill’s food is gluten free by default - we have beautiful steaks, skinny burgers (no bun), and seafood.  However, there are also things that we do that are proactive when it comes to gluten.  For example, we have separate fryers and have changed the layout of the kitchen in recent years to ensure we avoid gluten contamination.  


Our fried chicken uses gluten free flour, which is a real favourite as we have customers who are gluten intolerant and haven’t been able to have it since they were kids, so there’s a real nostalgia to being able to eat it again.  Similarly, our chicken dippers are fried strips of chicken breast with barbecue sauce, all of which is gluten free, and our chicken combo is a real favourite for everyone - it’s pretty sizeable though so bring an appetite!


Gluten free desserts


Our brownies are fast becoming the stuff of legends, even if we do say so ourselves.  They’re probably about 40% chocolate and are seriously gooey, but they are also made with gluten free flour, so if you can’t have gluten you’re not limited to ice cream when it comes to desserts.  While we’re not going to name names, we had a group visit us from CrossFit lately and they said it was probably the best brownie they had ever had.


It’s not just gluten intolerances we cater to of course.  We’re mindful of intolerances and allergies not only in line with regulations but also because we want people to enjoy visiting us.  For example, we try to make sure there are lactose free options on the menu - our Prosecco jelly is a favourite with everyone and our fish curry, which is fast becoming a signature dish, is both gluten free and lactose free.


We feel that food is a chance to bring people together to enjoy themselves, and when it comes to anyone who may otherwise find it difficult to eat out, we want to make sure you can enjoy a hearty dinner without fear of being ill.  After all, just because it’s gluten free doesn’t mean it can’t be indulgent!