Bringing a little après ski to the beach!

Posted by thewinkingprawn on July 17, 2017

When Cornwall based Tom and Jesse went on a uni ski trip and discovered the time honoured tradition of the demi peche, they decided it was high time the UK had its own version to celebrate the good life. 




Launching Jubel Beer in May, now available at Island Street Bar & Grill in Salcombe, and The Cracking Crab in Polzeath, Jesse explains where the idea came from and what you can expect…


How did it all begin?


Tom and I were mates at uni in Exeter and went on a ski trip two years ago where we discovered the tradition for lager and peach in the alps.  It’s so popular but there was nothing like it here.  After uni we went our separate ways and went into corporate jobs, but quickly realised it wasn’t for us.  One evening over a pint, we were reminiscing about that trip and the idea just flowed from there.  By the end of the night, we had a plan!


How did you develop Jubel Beer?


There were three big milestones along the road to development.  First we needed to get the right flavour, so we experimented with peach cordial and lager until we were happy.  Then we needed to get the right flavourings so we worked to get an all natural solution that doesn’t leave a sediment in the bottom of the bottle and won’t impact quality of beer and its shelf life.  Finally, we needed to make our own lager - we were looking for a light 4% lager that wouldn’t compete too much with the peach taste and that would fade to a multi lager aftertaste.


Where did the name come from?


When we were on that ski trip, there was a song called Jubel that’s a saxophone sound by French producer Klingande.  It was really popular on our trip and when we were reminiscing it came on the radio and that’s where the idea came from.  When we looked up the meaning of the word we realised it’s a German word for ‘the feeling of joy’ - which was perfect for the sort of brand we wanted to create.




Why did you set up in Cornwall?


Tom is from Falmouth and I have family from Cornwall.  We have spent a lot of time growing up here and when we were looking at the brand we wanted to create we wanted that beach bar vibe and the lifestyle that goes with it, so it felt like the right place to go.


In one sentence tell us what we need to know about Jubel…


It’s a 4% easy drinking lager that’s got a refreshing taste, it’s perfect for summer, it’s not overly complex or over intellectualised - just pop the cap off and drink it cold straight from the fridge!