Behind the scenes at Salcombe Dairy!

Posted by thewinkingprawn on November 23, 2016

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Salcombe Dairy doesn’t really need an introduction, this iconic part of Salcombe (and lunch at the Winking Prawn) has multiple awards and a history that started on the beach.  We asked Donna to tell us more…


How did Salcombe Dairy start?


Salcombe Dairy started with an idea on a beach, when Peter Howard, a local business man and ex merchant seaman decided that he really wanted to make a great quality ice cream.


What makes your ice cream so special?


Quite simply, it tastes great. We are gluten free, egg free and do not use artificial colours or flavours. Our sorbets are suitable for vegans, and we currently boast 50 awards including 23 different Great Taste awards.


What's the best thing about the industry?


We reckon that must be the customers – it’s such a great experience scooping ice cream for streams of happy people!


What's the most challenging thing?


Managing the highs of summer, the lows of winter and hoping each year that we get it right.


What's your favourite way to eat Salcombe Dairy?


On a waffle cone in Salcombe!!


Do you have a favourite flavour?


It’s got to be Blackcurrant sorbet; it’s fantastic.  Our Honeycomb isn’t bad either, and accounts for over one quarter of our sales.


What's your favourite thing about the Winking Prawn?


That’s got to be the staff, although following our last Christmas party some would say the dressing up box…


Tell us one thing we don't know about Salcombe Dairy...


It actually started in 1979, but it seems that somewhere in the midst of time someone stated it was Established in 1981 and that seems to have become ingrained in our brand.